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Thermal open air pool Patince

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Heart of patince

Marína Patince

Marina Patince

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Water world – Wellness Hotel Patince ****

Summer thermal open air pool Patince

Termálne kúpalisko Patince

Summer thermal open air pool Patince has the longest tradition since 1966, when the complex was built. In the past it was primarily used for school trips and as a recreation area for companies. In 2007 was open air pool under reconstruction of swimming pools which brought wider use of the whole complex. In 2012 we prepared hot new. Want to know more? Then, read below…

Summer thermal open air pool Patince

Hot news on summer thermal open air pool!

Dear guests, we would like to welcome you in our summer thermal open air pool where we prepared a unique attraction far and wide! We built a toboggan world in total length 150 m! For more information, visit the official web site of Summer thermal open air pool www.patincekupalisko.sk

Mineral treasure in Patince. “Our Water”!

The first mention of mineral springs in Patince can be dated from 13th century. It was said about them as about hot springs with curative effects. The first spa in Patince was built in the time of the Roman Empire during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. Soldiers from nearby fort Kelemantia on the border Limes Romanus used to come here to have a rest in healing springs. This spa complex and the fort Kelemantia were probably destroyed during the Marcomannic wars. Also, Matthias Bel mentioned the strength of healing springs in Patince in his book. Count Nedetzky built spa around the healing springs in which people from far and wide cured various diseases of upper and lower extremities. Since 1953 was the thermal spring declared a protected area and it pays to visit it for the following curative effects:  the perfusion of limbs and the whole body, as well as in sleep disorders. Thermal water raises body temperature, resulting in an increase oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. This improves elasticity of muscles, skin and body core perfusion.

Chemical element Chemical symbol Mg/l
Sodium NA+ 21,2
Potassium K+ 26,6
Ammonium ions NH4+ 0,23
Magnesium MG+ 46
Calcium CA1 81,4
Iron FE+ Negative
Manganese MN+ 0,03
Chlorides CL- 21,3
Sulphates SO42- 37,7
Bicarbonates HCO3- 410,3
Nitrates NO3- Negative
Hydrogen sulphide H2S 2,2

Photos of thermal open air pool Patince